Utility Locating


Any excavation no matter how small has the potential to damage an underground utility which can lead to an unwanted catastrophe. This may include injuries, delays and unexpected costs. There are multiple preventative measure that can be taken to mitigate unintentional subsurface utility damage including reviewing as-builts, calling dig alert to mark out utilities, using geophysical survey and hand auguring prior to drilling. Although these methods can definitely be helpful, the do not guarantee finding all underground utilities. The safest method for positively uncovering underground utilities is potholing with Air Vacuum Excavation.



Air-vacuum excavation is the best way to uncover buried utilities for verification or repair. Supersonic air is used to penetrate, expand and explode the soil from within while keeping it dry for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling. Using alternate methods such as hand auger, or pick and shovel can be dangerous, and labor-intensive. Potholing with water and then vacuuming the wet spoils is cumbersome, messy, dangerous, and could damage the very utilities you are trying to locate or repair. The use of air for potholing is safe, efficient, less costly, and protective of the buried infrastructure.


Services Include:

Air Knife (air/vacuum excavation)

Air Knife with water assist

Hand Auger

Field Crews' Subsurface


Safety Training Includes:

Loss Prevention System

Job Safety Analysis

Hazard Recognition

Safe System of Work

Ground Disturbance

Golden Shovel

DigAlert Guidelines




This crew looks good,
and makes us all look good

“ This crew looks good, and makes us all look good. Each of these guys are committed to safety and both SHELL and URS notice the effort. I appreciate their can do spirit, anything I have asked them to do they make happen smartly and efficiently. Thanks for having such great people with great training and great attitudes. I look forward to working with these guys for years to come.”


A very innovative way to
improve seal belt compliance

“Our compliance with the Life Saving Rule on the use of seat belts has been a challenge and Ivan and his team have responded with a very innovative way to improve seal belt compliance. An excellent example of finding a simple solution to drive to goal zero.”

Shell Oil Products US

Professional, positive attitude,
& were very hard working

“It was a pleasure working with ABC on this project. You all had a professional, positive attitude, & were very hard working. The attitude of 'meet or exceed the customers’ (clients’) requirements' was very much in affect & appreciated. I have already recommended ABC to other Stantec project managers.”





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