Well Development

Development is an essential component to well completion. The purpose is to remove fine silts and sands from the screened section of the well and drilling fluids used during well installation. This post installation procedure benefits water quality and will optimize well function and performance.



Proper Well Development includes preliminary surging and bailing followed by air lifting and pumping. Water quality tests and pump tests should be performed to measure and record well function as development progresses. This will provide valuable data for environmental purposes in addition to well production and capacity.


Services Include:

Surging & Bailing

Brushing & Cleaning

Chlorination & Disinfection

Chemical Development & Descaling

Air Lifting

Pump Replacement & Installation

Well Rehabilitation

Video Survey

Pump Capacity Tests

Draw Down Test

Water Quality Tests




It was a pleasure working
with that crew

“I just wanted to email you on how well we were pleased with how Conrad, Raul and Guirllmo did last Saturday under adverse weather conditions. It was snowing most of the day and I felt that your crew had very good suggestions as far as health and safety was concerned and did a magnificent job getting the project done for us. It was a pleasure working with that crew. Perhaps you could call attention to how they handled the situation for us last Saturday under less than ideal working conditions.”

Stantec Consulting Services Inc

All the crews out there last
week did excellent work

“All the crews out there last week did excellent work. I appreciate that they take the time to communicate well and get the job done carefully and correctly. I was able to clear, drill, construct, develop, and sample four wells in four days. I can’t ask for better than that.”


This is an excellent example
of a project team

“This is an excellent example of a project team expanding their hazard identification outside of their direct sphere of influence, to include the 3rd party events that can have impacts on our work. I commend the project team for understanding that the accident would cause them to split their attention between the tasks at hand and the natural curiosity that surrounds motor vehicle accidents. More than that, I appreciate that the project team recognized they could provide aid to those injured in the accident and assistance to the emergency response crew as they tended to the injured. It is this care for one another that keeps us safe as CEMC’s One Team, and leads to incident free operations.”





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