Less Than A Day’s Notice

I wanted to thank for mobilizing two crews
on less than a day’s notice. I really appreciate
the hard work all your guys put forth, especially
to Ryan and Scott since neither one
was able to get much sleep that first night.
I also want to thank you for putting Curran
on the project as I feel he really kept the
crew focused and motivated ensuring we
were able to complete the air knifing in two
nights. It’s always great to have drillers who
are actively engaged in the safety meetings.


Excellent Work Ethics &
Outstanding Communication

I truly would like to thank you for being able
to schedule the Soil Confirmation Boring
Tasks during last week and to accommodate
the Saturday schedule as well. Without your
outstanding and dedicated field staff who you
sent to this job site, the job would have not
been completed efficiently. Conrat (I hope I did
not misspell the name), Jesse, and Benny have
shown an excellent work ethics and outstanding
communication skills at the job. I was very
pleased and impressed with their performance
and safety attitude during the drilling task. I
can assure you that I will recommend your
company/crew for our future drilling jobs.


I just wanted to tell you that this team was
great! They always informed me of everything
that they were doing. I don’t know any other
company that does that.

Brown and Caldwell


Professional, Positive Attitude,
& Very Hard Working

It was a pleasure working with ABC on this project.
You all had a professional, positive attitude,
& were very hard working. The attitude
of “meet or exceed the customers’ (clients’)
requirements” was very much in affect & appreciated.


Crenshaw Plaza

I just want to reach out and thank the crew for
the awesome job they did last week installing
the monitoring wells at the Crenshaw Plaza
site. The installation may have taken a bit longer
than any of us expected but it was done
safely and correctly. Conrad, Corey and Jesse
took the extra time to make sure and delineate
each and every setup, in particular the
well installed in front of the businesses.

Partner Engineering And Science, Inc.


“Stellar, professional service.”

I wanted to forward the attached report and
say thank you for doing such a great job on this
well destruction job. I have never seen a report
submitted by Bill that didn’t have some type
of observation requiring mitigation or a need
for improvement. Your performance on this
project was outstanding and is really what we
strive to accomplish on every Chevron project.


“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

Each of these guys are committed to safety and both
SHELL and URS notice the effort. I appreciate
their can do spirit, anything I have asked them
to do they make happen smartly and efficiently.



Certified and Registered