Vacmaster 4000



Safe and non-invasive technique used for locating subsurface utilities.



  • Uncover possible utilities by visually inspecting the upper 5–10 feet of top soil.
  • High pressure water injection pump onboard to safely assist in excavating cemented soils.
  • Equipped with temporary hydraulic holding tank to minimize cleanup.
  • Air filters onboard help mitigate dust during excavation in the street or busy areas.
  • Recommended by Digalert and registered with ARB.


  • Once a location is cleared for underground utilities native soil can be used for backfill or put in drums.
  • Equipped with tamper for compacting soil after native soil has been backfilled.
  • Saw cutter, jackhammer, and coring machine available for cutting through asphalt and concrete.
  • Minimize risk of downtime and positively identify all subsurface utilities without relying on as-builts.

Download the print flyer here.