High Torque Rubber Track
Mounted Limited Access Rig



Key Specs
Rig weight: approximately 14,000 lbs
Rig width: 6’ 6”
Rig height mast down: 8’
Rig height mast up
fully retracted 12’ 6”
Rig height mast up
fully extended 18’
Hollow Stem Auger/Mud/Air Rotary Capabilities


This rig has more torque and a built frame to support deeper drilling efforts.


  • Tier 3 QSB6 Cummins Engine.
  • Advanced cool running quieter low emissions powerplant.
  • Heavy duty tower and frame built for extreme drilling conditions.
  • Capable of spinning up to 18” OD Hollow Stem Augers.
  • Enough power to install wells in excess of 200 ft bgs.
  • More pullback than most truck mounted drill rigs.
  • Hydraulic telescoping tower capable of drilling under 12’6” and extending up to 18’.
  • Four hydraulic leveling jacks for stabilizing rig on uneven surfaces.
  • Air compressor on rig allows for use of air tools and for pressure grouting


  • Two coated 75 gallon water tanks and Moyno 3L6 water pump mounted on rig.
  • Auger rack capable of holding up to 60 ft of 4 ¼” ID augers.
  • Automatic hammer and wireline slide hammer sampling capabilities.
  • Discrete depth groundwater sampling capabilities.
  • Separated drill/rubber track controls for added safety.
  • Small footprint ideal for active sites.
  • Single unit tractor with stakebed for materials and trailer combination means less vehicles onsite.
  • High temperature exhaust tubing and fans available for indoor work.

Download the print flyer here.