Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling is used to investigate the stability, classification, and change of soil type as a function of depth and location. It can also be used to define groundwater depth, movement and location and its impact on the soil. Drilling, soil sampling, and in-situ instrumentation are all used to provide data for engineering and design prior to construction. This data is then used to determine the type and use of preventative measures to mitigate possible settlement, soil movement, or the presence of groundwater that may adversely impact existing or proposed structures.


Drilling Techniques

Finding the appropriate drilling method is as important as finding the right company to perform work. This means knowledge and experience with differing soils and groundwater conditions. Its also means understanding how to manage and mitigate site specific conditions. The correct method will keep your project on track and under budget. 


Services Include:

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

Mud Rotary Drilling

Air Rotary Drilling

Casing Hammer Drilling

Interval Soil Sampling

Continuous Soil Sampling

Automatic Hammer Soil Sampling

Energy Calibration measurements in accordance to ASTM test method D4633, conducted regularly on all Auto Hammers

Cal Mod, SPT, & Shelby Tube Soil Sampling

Piezometer Installs

Inclinometer Installs

Extensometer Installs

Total Domain Reflectometers Installs








A Good Attitude Toward Safety

“Your crew did a great job today and everyone
including our ExxonMobil Project Manager
was pleased with their engagement and
knowledge of the LPS Safety Program...Tell them thanks again for working safe and most importantly
having a good attitude toward safety."

ETIC Engineering, Inc.

Carefully & Correctly

“All the crews out there last week did excellent
work. I appreciate that they take the time to
communicate well and get the job done carefully
and correctly. I was able to clear, drill,
construct, develop, and sample four wells in
four days. I can’t ask for better than that.”


Outstanding Job

“You need to know your crew did an outstanding
job at this site, considering conditions
and scope, they went above and
beyond. It was a pleasure to work with
them and I hope to again in the future.”

Wayne Perry Inc.




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