GEFCO Speedstar 50K–CH



  • 50K lbs. rated working capacity
  • Topdrive Air/Mud Rotary with Casting Hammer Multipurpose Drill Rig.
  • Drilling methods also include direct air, wireline coring, and Symmetrix.
  • High Volume/pressure 1050psi@350cfm twin screw air compressor mounted on drill rig.
  • High Volume 5x6 centrifugal pump mounted on drill rig.
  • Auxiliary 4x3 centrifugal pump for pumping annular well material.
  • Additional centrifugal pump can also be used to supercharge mud rotary operations.
  • Trailer mounted compact Mud Technologies 1,400 Gallon Mud Cleaning System with linear shakers.


  • Mud cleaning system has centrifugal pumps mounted on unit designed for mixing and desanding.
  • Mud system also has a 3 phase generator with an IEC rated electrical system.
  • Hydraulic–powered Atlas R6000 casting hammer for driving casting through unconsolidated formations.
  • Compact yet powerful hydraulic casting jacks designed for pulling drive casting after borehole completion.
  • Northwest Flattanks 2,500 gallon water/support truck designed for hauling drill pipe,drive casting.
  • Night lights mounted on drill rig, mud system and support equipment.
  • Hydraulic Cyclone System for routing and containerizing drill spoils into drums of roll off bins.

Download the print flyer here.