ABC Liovin Drilling's Firm Profile


Environmental & Geotechnical
Drilling Company with two offices

  • Signal Hill (Los Angeles), CA

  • Poway (San Diego), CA

Hollow Stem Auger Division


  • CME-75 HT Drill Rig on Peterbilt 330 turbo diesel carrier

  • CME-85 Drill Rig on Peterbilt 335 turbo diesel carrier

  • CME-85 Drill Rig on Peterbilt 330 turbo diesel carrier

  • CME-85 Drill Rig on Freightliner 114SD

  • Landa L10T Rubber Track Mounted Limited Access Rig

  • 3 ¾”, 4 ¼”, 6 ¼”, 8 ¼”, 10 ¼”, & 12 ¼” ID Augers (Add 4” for OD)

Direct Push Division

  • 6712DT Geoprobe Rubber Track Mounted Rig

  • 540MT Geoprobe Dolly Mounted Limited Access Rig

  • DT 22 Dual Tube Soil Sampling, Soil Gas & SP 22 Groundwater Profiling System

Rotary Division

  • GEFCO Speedstar 50K-CH Air/Mud Rotary Casing Hammer on Peterbilt

  • Northwest Flattanks Rig Tender/Water Truck on Freightliner 114SD

  • Mud Technologies RST-1400 Trailer Mounted Mud System

  • 7 5/8”, 9 5/8”, 11 ¾”, 13 3/8” Drive Casing, 100 Ton & 250 Ton Casing Jacks

  • DTH & Eccentric Underreaming Systems

  • HQ & PQ Wireline Coring Systems

Well Development Division

  • Smeal 5T Pump Hoist on Ford F 450

  • Pulstar 12000 Pump Hoist on Ford F-55O XLT SUPER Duty (4 x 4)

  • Pump Installation & Testing, Drawdown Testing, Aquifer Testing, Water Quality Testing

Utility Clearance Division

  • Vacmaster 4000 Air Knife on Ford F 650 (Three Units)

  • Vacmaster 3000 Air Knife on GMC C 7500

  • Air and Hydro excavating, remote access air knife, asphalt tamper, saw cut, jack hammer and coring capabilities.

Continuous and Interval Soil Sampling, Discrete Soil Gas & Groundwater Sampling

  • Ten field crews with 25 field personnel with over 5 years working experience each.

  • Five drillers with more than 15 years of experience in environmental & geotechnical drilling.

  • Specializing in environmental and geotechnical drilling, limited access drilling, mud rotary/air rotary, casing hammer, hollow stem auger, direct push, wireline coring, utility locating with air knife, saw cutting, and concrete coring, interval and continuous soil sampling, soil gas, discrete groundwater sampling, percolation testing, zone aquifer testing, geotechnical instrumentation, well installations, development and abandonments.

  • Field employees have training/certs for OSHA 40 Hour, LPS, RSO, CPR, First Aid, Forklift, Rail Road Safety, API, TWIC, Smith Driving, Behavior Based Safety, Rapidgate, DBIDS, Gold Shovel, Metro, ISNET and are random drug tested and medically monitored.

  • C-57 License since 1983.

  • Certified Small Business Enterprise

  • All equipment registered with AQMD, ARB, & DOORS

  • Paperless Office with Map Linked Job Tracking Database and VPN capabilities.