Environmental Drilling

Environmental Drilling is used to determine the existence of contamination in soil or groundwater. Discrete undisturbed soil and groundwater samples are recovered from the subsurface in order to evaluate, monitor, and remediate contamination impacting the environment. This form of drilling requires the decontamination of all bellow ground tooling between sampling events in order to provide representative samples and eliminate the possibility of cross contamination between sampling locations.


Drilling Techniques

Finding the appropriate drilling method is as important as finding the right company to perform work. This means knowledge and experience with differing soils and groundwater conditions. It also means understanding how to manage and mitigate site specific conditions. The correct method will keep your project on track and under budget. 


Services Include:

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling


Mud Rotary Drilling

Air Rotary Drilling

Casing Hammer Drilling

Wireline Coring

Well Installation

Well Abandonment

Well Development

Interval Soil Sampling

Continuous Soil Sampling









The Dominguez Channel

“Thanks for working with us on the Dominguez Channel well abandonment that took place yesterday. The crew was very efficient and careful.”

Orion Environmental Inc.

They went above and beyond

“You need to know your crew did an outstanding job at this site, considering conditions and scope, they went above and beyond. It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope to again in the future.”

Wayne Perry Inc.

Can’t do better than 100%

“Can’t do much better than a 100% ! Not clear who our PM is on this project – please pass along congrats to him/her and their team.”




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