CME 85


Key Specs

Width – 8’ 4”
Length – 31’
Folded Height – 11’ 10”
Mast-Up – 35’ 6”
Retract/Down Pressure 48,000 lbs/28,000 lbs
Rotary Torque – 23,000 ft/lbs


This rig is brute force, capable of getting down to 200’ and beyond through cobbles and tough conglomerates. 
It’s equipped with a robust frame, and rotary drive as well as an angle package.

  • Hollow Stem Auger/Mud/Air/Rotary/Wireline Coring Drill Rig
  • 72” stroke, hydraulic vertical drive system
  • Retract rate up to 78 ft/min with Fine Hydraulic Feed Control for controlling feed and pressure.
  • Two isolated controls for manual control without changing pressure settings with detent.
  • Angle drilling capabilities
  • Five forward gears and one reverse with heavy-duty 13 inch clutch
  • Moyno 3L8 & 435 Bean water/mud pump with high/low gearing
  • Coated 500 Gallon Water Tank
  • Hydraulic Auger Rack capable of carrying 130’ of 4 ¼” ID or 60’ of 6 ¼” ID Augers
  • Three hydraulic leveling jacks for stability during drilling
  • Four total winches: Two auxiliary winch lines, one main line and one fast wireline for sampling.
  • Calibrated above ground SPT auto-hammer for geotechnical sampling.
  • Decon Trailer with steam cleaner for decontaminating downhole tooling

Download the print flyer here.